1. (Yiddish) a constant complainer
Topics: ↑Yiddish
2. (Yiddish) a nagging complaint
Topics: ↑Yiddish
Hypernyms: ↑complaint
express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness

My mother complains all day


She has a lot to kick about

Syn: ↑complain, ↑kick, ↑plain, ↑sound off, ↑quetch
Ant: ↑cheer (for: ↑complain)
Derivationally related forms: ↑kick (for: ↑kick), ↑complaint (for: ↑complain), ↑complainer (for: ↑complain)
nag, ↑peck, ↑hen-peck, ↑backbite, ↑bitch, ↑whine, ↑grizzle, ↑yammer, ↑yawp, ↑murmur, ↑mutter, ↑grumble, ↑croak, ↑gnarl, ↑grouch, ↑scold, ↑protest, ↑repine, ↑gripe, ↑grouse, ↑crab, ↑beef, ↑squawk, ↑bellyache, ↑holler, ↑rail, ↑inveigh, ↑deplore, ↑lament, ↑bewail, ↑bemoan, ↑report, ↑bleat
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s


Somebody ——s that CLAUSE

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